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what is cigarette white cardboard

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Cigarette White cardboard is a thick, and quantitative paper. Because the surface is not colored, it is called white cardboard.

White cardboard is made from 100% bleached chemical wood pulp, the best of which is bleached softwood sulphate paddles or partially bleached hardwood sulphate paddles.

White cardboard for cigarette packets requires high stiffness, bursting, smoothness and whiteness. The paper surface is required to be flat, and no streaks, spots, bumps or warpage are allowed. Because the cigarette pack uses white cardboard. It is mainly printed by a web high-speed gravure printing machine, so the requirements for the tensile strength of white cardboard are high.

Cigarette white cardboard specification as follows:

Item White paperboard
Grammage 210gsm,215gsm,220gsm,225gsm,230gsm,250gsm
Width 95mm,96mm
Length 650m,800m
Inner core 120mm,150mm
Packing Wood Pallet

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