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Japan Non-smoking in Public

2018-12-21      View:
According to the Kyodo News Agency, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare decided on the 18th that it will implement a comprehensive indoor smoking ban on schools, hospitals, and administrative offices from July 1, 2019. The ruling Liberal Democratic Party’s Health and Labor Party approved the decision on the 18th.
The Japanese Senate passed a new Health Promotion Act aimed at reducing passive smoking in July this year. This law prohibits smoking in crowded public places in principle, but sets exceptions for smaller food and beverage outlets. The law will be officially implemented in April 2020 before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics.
Beginning next July, Japanese schools, hospitals and administrative agencies will implement a comprehensive ban on smoking in the interior. Pharmacies, nursing facilities, orthopaedic hospitals, and children's welfare facilities are also among the non-smoking objects.
From April 1, 2020, catering stores, offices, railways, hotel lobbies, etc., which are used by many people, will also be banned in principle. Places such as restaurants and restaurants are allowed to set up special smoking rooms that have been taken to prevent smoke leakage. Special smoking rooms are not allowed for children under the age of 20 to enter and eat.

For heated cigarettes, the new Health Promotion Act allows for the setting up of a dedicated smoking room for dining. Small restaurants with a store area of less than 100 square meters can also choose to allow indoor smoking.

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