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Tobacco packaging materials presented and Market Analysis

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Tobacco packaging materials presented and Market Analysis Cigarette paper as a special kind of paper, tissue paper in the possession of high status, while a cigarette material, but also a place in the tobacco industry. Mechanism known as the cigarette cigarette cigarette paper tray with paper, hand cigarette with cigarette paper, cigarette paper as flat. Cigarette paper production technology has its particularity, difficult, only a few countries worldwide to produce. Currently, the global cigarette paper consumption is about 30 tons, one third from China, while 200,000 tons were produced in France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Japan, Indonesia and the United States. China's top five cigarette paper production enterprises: Yunnan Hongta Blue Eagle Paper Co., Sichuan Jinfeng Paper, Hangzhou Huafeng Paper Co., Jiaxing Min Feng Mudanjiang Hengfeng Paper and paper. In the 1990s, national production of cigarette paper manufacturers have 27, production of various grades of as much as cigarette paper up than ten million tons, far more than the cigarette industry's total demand, coupled with the 2-3 year time tons of imported cigarette paper, supply and demand is very prominent. And, from 1992 to the present, ten years time, China's total transformation, the introduction of a 10 cigarette paper production line, its level of equipment, automatic control, production scale, product quality are fully achieve the highest level in today's global, national high-grade cigarette paper production capacity has reached 89,000 tons. Currently, the domestic cigarette paper manufacturers have expanded production scale, low-grade cigarette paper market has been oversupply situation, combined with the impact of cigarette paper imports, the domestic market more competitive, international market is to ease overcapacity inevitable trend. In 2002, China imported 10,800 tons high-grade cigarette paper, cigarette paper export 07,000 tons (of which 1350 tons of paper plate, flat Cigarette Paper 5650 tons).

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