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Tipping paper laser perforation application

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As we all know, smoking is harmful to health. The tar produced by cigarettes during the burning process is the main substance that endangers human health and causes cancer in humans. Defocusing and harm reduction is the trend of the global tobacco industry, and the Chinese tobacco industry is no exception. The National Tobacco Monopoly Bureau is actively promoting the “defocusing project” and “harm reduction and defocusing project” for cigarettes. The traditional method of defocusing is complicated and takes a long time, and the laser perforation and defocusing method has been widely used.

For many years, China's tobacco industry has adopted various means to effectively control the tar content. In August 1986, China implemented the national standard for cigarettes, and divided the tar content in the cigarettes into three grades: high, medium and low. Cigarette tar content is less than 14mg for low tar content, 15-21mg for medium tar content, and 22mg for high tar content. In order to limit cigarettes with high tar content, the state regulations must mark the design value of the tar content on the cigarette pack. In 2004, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration issued a notice that from July 1, 2004, cigarettes with a tar content of 15 mg/s or more should not enter the sales market, and gradually reduce the tar content of Chinese cigarettes to about 12 mg. This rule also applies to imported cigarettes. At present, the average tar content of Chinese cigarettes has dropped from 30mg per year to 15mg per bottle, and strives to reduce this average by 0.5mg per year. Therefore, in recent years, Chinese tobacco manufacturers have carried out large-scale collective defocusing work on cigarettes produced. Various scientific research units and production companies are adopting various means (such as chemical defocusing, physical defocusing, etc.) to reduce tar in cigarettes. content.

Studies have shown that the use of air dilution can reduce the intake of harmful substances such as tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide during smoking, so high-permeability cigarette paper and pre-punched tipping paper (tip paper) came into being. . In particular, tipping paper punching technology has achieved rapid development in recent years, because in various methods, the method of quantitative punching with laser butt paper is the most simple and effective.

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