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The world Cigarette filter tipping paper development trend

2018-9-13      View:
Tipping paper is used for wrapping the filter tip and joining it with the rest of the cigarette and is a special industrial paper. Named for its similar appearance to pine wood. The tipping paper is directly touched by the smoker's lips, so the printing ink and coating of the tipping paper need to be non-toxic, meet the food hygiene standards, and have certain water resistance and wet strength. According to different processing skills, tipping paper is divided into two types: printing type tipping paper and coating type tipping paper. Printed tipping paper is printed with gravure printing skills, beautiful appearance, good leveling, high skill request, suitable for medium and high-grade cigarettes; coated tipping paper is processed by coating skills, and the skills are simple. The quality and leveling of the external picture are worse than the printed tipping paper, which is often used for low-grade cigarettes.

In recent years, tipping paper has been developed very rapidly in China, and it has been greatly developed and differentiated in its function and use. The use of the tipping paper by the tobacco factory is not limited to packaging, and its decoration is more important, and there is a higher demand for the print beauty of the tipping paper. Tipping paper has been developed from a single monochromatic type to a multi-color product, and the share of multi-color products has improved year by year. In terms of types, printing type tipping paper has now surpassed the market share of coated tipping paper. Following the call for health and environmental protection of cigarettes, as one of the main methods of reducing tar content and reducing smoking damage, electrostatic and laser-punched tipping papers have developed rapidly, especially laser-punched tipping paper has become the main direction. In addition, tipping paper is also used as anti-counterfeiting technology by some cigarette factories for cigarette anti-counterfeiting.

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