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Gold and silver cardboard craft phenomenon often encountered and solutions

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First look at your profile if gold and silver cardboard done corona processor is static processor. If no test instrument for this project, you can require suppliers to supply, the impact of substrates overview tension. Because only an overview of suitable ink adhesion tension value is brilliant prerequisites.
Second. Ink curing strength enough, deep color inks absorb light because fighting strength, so if darker print content, remember not to open too fast, if not fully cured ink ink adhesion affect the bureau.
Third. Buckle under to ask your ink supplier. Because you do not know how the quality of the ink, so this you and yourink supplier negotiation look, you can ask them to contribute in the ink-laws to increase the number of acceleratorcontent, or add special chemicals to promote curing, thereby promoting physical cured Bureau, the specific name I do not know, I just know he is to facilitate curing enough.
Fourth Confirm your UV lamp power is still valid. Normal domestic life of roughly 600 hours UV lamp balanced power,we must be careful in future. Little bit better in Japan can reach roughly 1000 to 1200 hours.
If the varnish coating class gold card, the foundation does not exist the problem of poor ink adhesion, quick-drying inkor even directly to the more realistic, but because this type of jam production and inventory costs, and few are willing totake advantage of workshops (smoke bag / wine bag and other luxury products except), so now the largest sector for a number of gold and silver cardboard use film as a medium acquired in composite materials, like coating process, the need for complex how many how many addition, electrostatic and renew not in addition to static, but rather to stimulatean overview of this material live performance, so as to better ink adhesion to play a fundamental, especially thematerial has been stored for some time