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Germ-Proof Cigarette Tipping Paper

2018-9-13      View:
China Yunnan Yuxi Tipping Paper Factory developed the germ-proof tipping paper after two years of efforts and with technical assistance extended by the technical center of Hongta Group and other tobacco manufacturers, relevant institutions of the tobacco industry, China National Diseases Prevention and Control Center and Yunnan Provincial Diseases Prevention and Control Center.

The factory started batch production of the germ-proof tipping paper in January. Since February, the germ-proof tipping paper has been used on all the cigarettes produced by Hongta Group – the largest Chinese tobacco manufacturer.

Yunnan Yuxi Tipping Paper Factory has applied to the State Intellectual Property Rights Administration for patents on the technology for producing broad-spectrum germ-proof cigarette tipping paper, a type of germ-proof tipping paper and the technology for producing it, and a type of cigarettes with germ-proof tips and the technology for its production.

In cigarette production, tipping paper is used for wrapping the filter tip and joining it with the rest of the cigarette. When smoking a cigarette, consumers will have to directly contact the tipping paper with their lips. Therefore, how to sterilize tipping paper has been an important technical issue.Now yuxi company solve it.

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