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Cigarette Inner Liner Paper properties

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 The use of cigarette liner paper is inseparable from its following properties: 

1. Functionality: including aroma preservation, packaging adaptability and anti-counterfeiting. Baoxiang Baorun is the most basic attribute to determine whether the liner paper is qualified. It can clearly block the ingress and egress of moisture and aroma; it has good shielding and reflection effect on light and ultraviolet rays, and can effectively prevent light to cut tobacco. The aging effect of the contents. At present, aluminum foil composite paper, vacuum aluminum-plated inner liner paper and film-based liner have been approved by the major tobacco groups around the world for the above-mentioned quality. Other types of liner papers have not produced any standard support due to their low output and mostly due to special demands. . Packaging adaptability, which is directly related to the production efficiency and product quality of cigarette industry enterprises, so good packaging adaptability is an important condition for the qualification of liner paper. At present, the major tobacco group equipment is being upgraded, more and more super high speed machines are used (such as Focke FX2), the speed reaches 1000 packs/min, and the requirements for inner liner paper are getting higher and higher. Last year, on the Philip Morris and Shanghai Tobacco Group China Line, this rigorous test was passed using Kent's modified base paper directly coated with liner paper. Anti-counterfeiting performance, the anti-counterfeiting performance of the inner liner paper is mainly concentrated in two aspects. On the one hand, some brands are converted into vacuum direct-plated paper from aluminum foil composite paper, and the consumer can not distinguish the appearance of the inner liner paper, but through the fire lining Paper (only the ash is left after the direct smog lining, and the aluminum foil composite paper will have the residual aluminum foil), so that the authenticity of the lining can be easily known to distinguish true and false cigarettes; on the other hand, vacuum direct plating can be combined with holographic laser A special brand mark is left on the lining to achieve anti-counterfeiting effect. This is difficult to achieve on other types of liner paper. 

2. Environmental protection: The use of liner paper must be energy-efficient and degradable. In 2006, the National Bureau issued the “Implementation Opinions on Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Work in the Tobacco Industry”, clearly requiring “to promote the use of non-toxic, harmless and easily degradable packaging materials, and to promote the use of vacuum aluminized paper instead of non-degradable composite aluminum foil paper. Spray aluminum paper to replace the non-degradable small box of trademark packaging materials." It is not difficult to understand that the composite aluminum foil liner using 40,000 tons of aluminum foil per year is unlikely to be the future development direction of the liner paper. From the perspective of environmental protection, coating liner paper, printing liner paper (excluding metal ink liner paper) and vacuum direct plating liner paper will have very good development prospects. 

3. Safety and hygiene: The lining paper is in direct contact with the cigarette, so the entire lining paper must be combined with food hygiene standards. In foreign countries, the liner paper must pass third-party certification, such as ISEGA certification. At home, the General Administration of Tobacco has established relevant standards for various types of liner paper. However, the actual situation is that most of the domestic aluminum foil composite liner papers use composite liners that have not been certified by food hygiene. These papers generally contain recycled pulp or mechanical pulp, and some have been detected in recent years to contain some harmful organic compounds. The element, but it is widely used by many processing plants because of its low price, and because the current domestic standards are not regulated or the equipment cannot be detected, the tobacco factory is difficult to distinguish. In foreign countries, more mature tobacco groups such as Philip Morris have their own set of testing methods, which is why, for many years, there is no domestic paper mill liner or processing plant aluminum foil composite lining paper can enter the Philip Morris Group.

 4. Aesthetics: As a global tobacco country, China has a long history and cultural tradition in tobacco and tobacco packaging. Together with the increasing individualized demand for tobacco packaging in the new era, it has formed an aesthetic appeal for tobacco packaging, including lining paper. Special requirements. In recent years, many professional tobacco packaging designers have emerged (such as Panhu Studio, which is awarded in the international Pentawards). For the inner liner paper, the products that can reflect the aesthetics at present should be vacuum direct plating and printing inner liner paper. Under the premise of environmental protection, with the development of new technology, the inner liner paper can retain the traditional metal effect. It also allows designers to use their imagination to achieve a personalized solution on the liner paper by combining vacuum direct plating technology and printing technology. In the past, Dunhill had a very interesting product. He was directly vacuum-plated on the front and painted in a special color. The Dunhill logo was printed on the back, and then the aluminized surface was reversed to the cigarette. At the time, this personalized design was widely recognized and appreciated by the market. Lining paper is an indispensable part of cigarette packaging. The current use of liner paper is undergoing tremendous changes. Which kind or which of the liner paper will become the darling of the market, we are not predictable now. But energy conservation and environmental protection are the theme of packaging forever. I believe this has given us the most appropriate choice.      

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